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Bureau of Naviks - Organisation Chart

     The Officer-in-Charge, Bureau of Naviks is the head of the organisation and is assisted by Deputy Officer-in-Charge. The bureau comprises of nine sections namely Administration, MSO, Logistics, Training, Records, Promotion, CR, Transfer and Information Technology

Admin Records Training Promotion Statistics DOD/DOE Medical Verification GCB Genform ACR Section Transfer Release Pension ECHS Cell Information Technology

Administration Section

Admin Section is responsible for dealing with the following duties in connection with enrolled personnel of Coast Guard :-

  • Issue of NOC for job outside and deputation out of Indian Coast Guard.

  • Change of branch/cadre/specialisation.

  • Discharge/premature/voluntary retirement cases.

  • Issue of drafting order for unit/charge certificate allowance and ACM(D) cadre.

  • Issue of NOC for passport and proceeding abroad.

  • Issue of sea service extract and service certificate for CDC.

  • Change of name and address.

  • Rendition of CRs of Army personnel on deputation to ICG.

  • Claim and distribution of Medals of EP.

  • General Administration of Bureau.

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Training Section

The Training Section is responsible for training of Coast Guard personnel from their enrolment to the entire span of service. The various duties being performed are as follows: -

  • B&D Training:- Basic and divisional training for Naviks GD,DB and Yantriks is conducted at Chilka for the duration of 24,15 and 09 weeks respectively.

  • Allotment of personal numbers:- Personal numbers to be issued to new recruits reporting at Chilka, are intimated well in advance prior commencement of training of every batch by this Bureau.

  • Cadre/Specialisation and Ship Allocation:- Cadre/specialisation allocation is intimated two to three months prior to the completion of training in consultation with Statistics and Transfer sections.

  • Initial Disposal:- Initial disposal of personnel is made in consultation with Transfer section two months in advance prior completion of professional training.

  • Nomination for higher rank courses:- Nomination for Higher rank/promotion linked courses is made on completion of half the period of service required for next promotion.

  • Higher Rank Board/Uttam Navik 'Q' Board:- Higher Rank Board for GD and Technical is conducted twice in a year along with Uttam Navik 'Q' Board for EP of GD, DB and Aviation (Non Technical) i.e. during March/April and September/October every year at concerned Regional Headquarters.

  • Nomination for Specialisation Training:- Nomination for specialisation training is made subject to the vacancies allotted or as intimated by CGHQ/RHQs and as per the QRs intimated by Navy/CGHQ.

  • Preparation of ATP:- Requirement of vacancies for various higher rank courses based on the personnel eligible for the course, are projected to the Coast Guard Headquarters for inclusion in the Annual Training programme during August/September of every year.

  • Specialised Courses:- There are few specialized courses for which EP are nominated by Bureau based on QRs.

  • Training on Equipment:- Nomination for specialized training on equipment is also made as per CGHQ/RHQ directives as and when required.

  • Deputation abroad for equipment training:- Enrolled Persons are being selected for deputation abroad for training on equipments as per the CGHQ directives. EP are accordingly short listed as per directives/merits and names of EP are forwarded to CGHQ for final selection.

  • Verification of Recovery Statements:- The recovery statements pertaining to expenses incurred by Navy on training of Coast Guard personnel are forwarded to Bureau by various training establishments for verification. These recovery statements are verified and forwarded to CGHQ for onward submission to PCDA(Navy) for settlement.

  • Swimming Qualifications:- Qualifying swimming test is mandatory for removal from probation and further promotions. INS Chilka has been instructed by CGHQ to impart maximum training to qualify the swimming test prior passing out. In some cases where an individual could not qualify the swimming test during his B&D training period, opportunities are again given their professional training establishments. The details of personnel not qualified swimming test at Chilka will be intimated to the next training establishments extra practice to enable them to qualify within the stipulated period to avoid further hindrance for removal from probation and promotion.

  • Revised Training Policy: - The existing training policy has been revised, and as per the revised training pattern leading courses for Seaman Communication, Logistics(SA/WTR/CK/STD) and Aviation (Non Technical-AH/SE/PH/MET) have been dispensed with, and these sailors are required to undergo Leading (Uttam Navik) Boards. As per the revised training pattern the duration for afloat training has been increased to 12 weeks after which Naviks have to undergo Basic 'Q' courses of their respective branches.

  • Nomination for CPO(M)/PO(L) courses:- Nomination for CPO(M)/ PO(L) courses are made subject to the vacancies available and as per seniority in the cadre.

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Information Technology Section

The section is responsible for the following:

  • To provide computer facilities to the various sections at the Bureau through Local Area Network (LAN)/ Stand Alone PCs.

  • Identifying the areas for computerisation in consultation with the Heads of the departments.

  • Development and implementation of application software in respect of both serving and retired EP.

  • Organising activities to promote computer culture and encourage more and more usage of Computers at the Bureau.

  • Back up of data on CDs for future reference/ queries etc.

  • Evolving/setting up of procedures for Data Entry.

  • Security of data.

  • Maintenance and upgradation of hardware, software and equipment related to computers.

  • Receipt and forwarding of all E-Mail.

  • Maintenance and security of Buvik internet account.

  • Advise/assist Officer-in-Charge on computer applications/related matters.

  • Ensure a high operational state of all equipment and availability of hardware / application software at all times.
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Records Section

Following duties are performed by records Section:-

  • Publishing of DOE: Nominal roll of newly recruited enrolled personnel excluding E/F being received from INS Chilka. Enrollment documents are received from various recruiting centers. The drafting order enrollment is published at the earliest opportunity as per nominal roll. However in respect of E/F, DOE is published as and when enrollment documents are received from various recruiting center. A register containing details of all drafting order enrolment issued is maintained at the section.

  • Dockets: Separate A, B and Medical dockets are opened for each enrolled personnel. Whenever a person is discharged from service all three dockets are merged into a ' D ' dockets which is maintained separately.

  • Verification of GCB on receipt of IN-14. GCB verification cases of all eligible enrolled personnel is monitored and verification of IN-14 for award/deprivation/restoration of GCB is carried out by record section.

  • Annual Assessment: Annual character and efficiency records of EFs and character assessment of EPs is required for consideration of DPC. 100% receipt of character assessment is to be ensured by reminding ship's/unit in case of non-receipt of the same.

  • Release serial: Release serial containing details of enrolled personnel due to retired on superannuation in the next 24 to 30 months is issued twice every year i,e Jan and Jul.

  • Drafting Order (Transfer to NES): A list of deserter who have completed 06 months of desertion is forwarded to CGHQ to accord approval for transfer to NES. Drafting order transfer to NES is published on receipt of approval from CGHQ. Normally on completion of three years of desertion, if the individual not answerable for charge other than desertion, DOD is published finally discharging the deserter from the service. CGO 6/97 is relevant.

  • Drafting order Discharge: On discharge of Enrolled personnel from service for what ever reason, drafting order discharge is published at the earliest opportunity after the discharge.

  • Republic Day Guard : It is also a part of responsibility of record section.

  • Pre-release Courses: Accords approval of Coast Guard Headquarters regarding re-settlement/Pre-release Courses for Enrolled personnel seeking voluntary retirement(on completion 20 years qualifying service) & superannuation vide CGHQ letter PC to NK/0110/1 dated 17 Feb 2003.

  • Proxy Voting for EP: GOI has introduced proxy voting. Through this process a service voter can now appoint a proxy to exercise the franchise on his behalf. To implement this facility on ground, certain administration actions are required to be initiated by the unit / Buvik / EP / Proxy.

  • Filing : Record section also responsible for filing the following:-
    • Genforms in concerned B Dockets.
    • Divisional Officers remarks in concerned A Docket.
    • Checking & filing of nomination in A Docket.
    • Filing of all actions letters from Admin/Training/Promotion and transfer section.

  • Leave verification & other actions of Record Section:-
    • Verification of leave accounts of those asking for release voluntary retirement.
    • Desertion/absent period regularization.
    • Preparation of consolidated RDG List.
    • Forwarding of service particulars to Admin section for issue of Medals.
    • Calculations of qualifying service prior to retirement from Coast Guard.
    • Re- construction of lost service Book.
    • Checking of punishment, deprivations of GCB and other discrepancies from the record of sailor for DPC, Removal of probation and confirmation & promotion
    • Maintains of 'A', 'B' and 'D' dockets.
    • Sorting of Genforms issued from all units personnel number wise.

  • INTRODUCTION OF NEW PENSION SCHEME : The Government has approved new pension scheme for the personnel who have joined Govt. service on or after 01 Jan 2004. This section is responsible for timely declaration of TIER-I & TIER-II under new pension scheme to facilitate timely deduction from pay towards new pension scheme by the O/o PCDA(N), Mumbai.
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Transfer Section

Transfer section deals with transfer of all enrolled personnel to various ships/ establishments. Transfers of enrolled personnel are normally effected on one of the following occasions:-

  • To meet the manning plan of ships/establishments/air squadrons as promulgated by Coast Guard Headquarters from time to time.

  • To provide sufficient opportunity to enrolled personnel to gain requisite experience and to complete prescribed sea/squadron time for promotion to higher ranks.

  • To rotate personnel from ship to shore / Stn & Squadron & vice versa.

  • To provide adequate shore tenure with due consideration to shortages in a particular cadre.

  • To make up for shortages in a ship/establishment due to cases of release, discharge and low medical category.

  • Extreme compassionate grounds / medical grounds requiring an enrolled person's presence at one station for a certain period.
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Medical Section

The Medical Records Section is a part of Bureau Records and working independently under the Staff Officer (Medical). Medical section is responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance of Medical Records of all EPs.

  • Maintaining and updating Low Medical Category data, which can be assessed through EPMIS.

  • Publication of Monthly Re-categorization List of EPs, who are due for Re-categorisation Medical Board in the particular month.

  • Providing Medical Documents to Units and ships as and when required.

  • Providing Medical data to various sections i.e. Training, Promotion and Transfer.

  • Forwarding of Returns to CGHQ, RHQ i.e. Monthly return on Health Lectures, Quarterly Health Return, Annual Health Return, Quarterly Low Medical Category return, HIV Return.

  • Conducting of Annual Medical Examination, Recategorisation medical board, Health services for Officers and sailors of BUVIK.
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Pension Section

This section is responsible for processing of pensionary claims of retired personnel. The section maintains a close liaison with PCDA(N),Mumbai/PCDA(P) Allahabad so as to get the claims sanctioned in time. The claims are submitted by hand to PCDA(N), Mumbai / PCDA(P), Allahabad by Bureau representative.


  • Superannuation Pension: On receipt of pension papers from the unit, case is prepared at Bureau and submitted to PCDA(P), Allahabad by four to six months in advance.

  • Voluntary Retirement Pension/Invalid Pension: The pension forms are being handed over to the individual at the time of release for completion by self & spouse and opening of bank account etc. As soon as duly completed pension forms are received in Bureau, pension case is prepared and submitted to O/o PCDA(P), Allahabad.

  • Disability Pension: The cases for disability Pension under CCS (Extra Ordinary Pension), Rules are taken up with PCDA(P) Allahabad on case to case basis.

  • Commutation of Invalid Pension: The commutation of pension in the cases of Superannuation/ Voluntary Retirement is done along with the notification of pension.

  • Family Pension: Presently, the benefit of family pension is only available to the widow/NOK of late EPs who have been enrolled before 01 Jan 2004.

  • Family Pension under CCS (Extra Ordinary Pension), Rules: Family pension under CCS (EOP) Rules is processed after sanction of normal family pension as above.

  • Ex-Gratia Lump- sum Compensation : Ex-Gratia Lump Sum compensation from the central government is sanctioned to the EPs while death in harness in the performance of their bona-fide official duties.
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Verification Section

Following duties are performed by verification section:-

  • Bureau is responsible for verification of Education & Caste certificate of all Enrolled Personnel i.a.w. para 46 of CGO 02/2003 in addition to follow up action of Antecedents verification of the EP's initiates at various Recruitment Cells i.a.w. para 44 of CGO 02/2003.

  • Issue of Reminder: The process of getting the caste & education certificate verification being done meticulously by issue of repeated reminders to the verifying authorities in regular interval.

  • Monitoring/Recording: Proper monitoring / scrutinizing of verification reports from various authorities. If found genuine, necessary entries are made in the 'A' docket of the EP followed by punching in EPMIS.

  • Returning Of Original Caste/ Education Certificate: The verification section is also responsible for returning the original caste/educational certificate to the individual submitted at the time of enrollment as and when required by the individual if verified and found correct.

  • Fraudulent Entry : The duties of processing the fraudulent cases also rest with verification section only.
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CR Section

Initiation and handling of confidential reports are guided by CGOs 08/2003, 13/2004 and CGHQ policy letter NK/0375 dated 12 Jul 2005 (i.e. CGO 05/2005). Confidential report introduced for different ranks is as under:-

S/NRankDate of IntroductionDue date of rendition
(a)Subordinate Officers31 Dec 200130 Jun
(b)UYTK, YTK & NVK31 Dec 200431 Dec
(c)PNVK & UNVK30 Jun 200430 Jun
  • Confidential reports received from the units are handled by the ACR section. The Officer-in-Charge, Staff Officer-in-Charge and the Section-in-Charge peruse the reports. Duly completed reports are taken into record and the reports not commensurating with the guidelines are returned to concerned units for necessary corrections.

  • Processing of reports is fully automated at Bureau by using "TELEform" software. During the process, the reports are scanned and verified for correctness of its contents and thereafter the data is stored in Oracle 9i database.
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Promotion Section

This section deals with the promotions and confirmations of all Coast Guard enrolled personnel. The duties and functions of the promotion section are as under :-

  • Conduct of DPCs twice in a year for removal from probation/ confirmation in service and promotions of all eligible enrolled personnel as prescribed in recruitment rules and Coast Guard (Seniority & Promotion) Rules 1987.

  • Planning schedule and obtaining CGHQ approval for conduct of DPC.

  • Monitoring, receipt and dispatch of service books of EPs for DPC.

  • Submission of DPC proceedings with Bureau recommendations to CGHQ within 15 days on completion of DPC.

  • Compilation of full Coast Guard EPs seniority list for promulgation once in three years.

  • Updating Buvik data and reply to units for corrections in CG EP seniority list as and when projected by units on receipt of grievances if found justifiable.

  • Issue of orders for removal from probation/confirmation in service, and promotion Orders on approval of DPC proceedings by CGHQ.

  • Issue of Drafting orders Promotion on receipt of Acknowledgement Promotion Order with genform from units.

  • Monitoring/updating of records on receipt of genforms for removal from probation/ confirmation in service.

  • Issue of orders for proforma promotions under next below rule to EP on deputation.

  • Monitoring of demoted cases for re-promotion.

  • Issue of reminders to units twice in a year prior to conduct of the DPC for imparting training to non-swimmers to qualify swimming within prescribed period of three years.

  • Maintenance of SC/ST Promotion Rosters.
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Release Section

The main function of the Release section is to ensure

  1. Completion of all pre-release formalities prior to discharge
    • Completion of documentation as listed in Art. 1115 of BUVIK Manual 2003.
    • Completion of documentation in case of "death cases" is as per Art.1116 of BUVIK Manual 2003.
    • Recovery of outstanding CGBA/Govt. loans, if any.
    • Recovery of canteen smart card and forward to issuing authority for destruction.
    • Collection of NDC from CO, Accomodation Officer and concerned NLAO.
  2. Settlement of claims
    • Final settlement of GPF claim from PCDA(N).
    • Obtain NGIS subscription details from PCDA(N) and forward to JD(NGIS), New Delhi for issuing of cheque as terminal benefit of survivals.
    • Final settlement of IPA(Individual Pay Account)
  3. Settlement of payment
    • On receipt of payment authority from PCDA towards GPF and IPA. Issuing cheque and forward them to the individual.
    • On receipt of cheque/DD from JD(NGIS) New Delhi. Issue a fresh PNB cheque/DD in favour of the individual.
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Genform Section

Duties and functions of Genform Section are given below:-

  • Monitoring genforms for removal from probation/ confirmation in service and handover the same to promotion section for action.

  • Maintenance of B Docket: Place all genforms issued during service except those pertaining to granting and ceasing of MLR, HLM and Sea duty allowances in B-Docket for record purpose.

  • Sorting of Genforms issued from all units personnel number wise. Handing over of Genforms to various section like promotion, GCB, Drafting and Record section for action
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Logistics Section

Duties and functions of Logistics Section are given below:-

  • All pay and allowance correspondence

  • Payments of CG Personnel

  • Claims of Bureau of Staff and Resettlement claims of EX-EPs

  • Routine general correspondence & other miscellaneous works related to payment.

  • Payment on account of final settlement of IPA, GPF, DLIS in respect of released/retired CG personnel as this bureau is the only Release Centre in the Coast Guard.

  • Payment on account of provisional pension, ex-gratia amount and PPO received from PCDA(N) to ex-CG personnel.

  • Disbursement of monthly pay & allowances of Army personnel on deputation.

  • TA/DA advances on permanent and ty duties.

  • Payment towards expenditure on miscellaneous office contingencies
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GCB Section

Duties and functions of GCB Section are given below:-

  • Maintaining GCB record of CG Personnel.

  • Issuing drafting order to CDA for GCB payment.

  • Initiating/filing of various correspondences related to GCB.

  • Recording Genform related to GCB
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Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme was introduced in Indian Coast Guard vide Govt. of India, MoD, Department of Ex-servicemen Welfare letter no. 22(68)/2006/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 22 Jan 2009. With the issue of ibid corrigendum, all the facilities of ECHS as applicable to the ex-servicemen are now applicable mutates mutandis to the unformed Coast Guard pensioners also.

  • The Scheme is compulsory for all retired Coast Guard personnel who are eligible for pension on or after 22 Jan 2009. Those persons who have retired earlier than 22 Jan 2009 have the option to join ECHS as per their discretion.

  • ECHS cell has commenced to function at Bureau w.e.f. 31 Jul 2008.

  • Blank application forms have been sent to eligible pensioners.

  • All future retirees are being forwarded blank application form along with other retirement/pension forms on as and when applicable basis.

  • War widows, battle casualties and pre-1996 retirees are exempted from one time ECHS contribution. The rate of contribution for other is as follows :-

    S/NPension (Un commuted Basic Pension + Dearness Pension)Rate of one time subscription
    (a)Upto Rs. 3000/-Rs.1800/-
    (b)Between Rs. 3001/- to 6000/-Rs. 4800/-
    (c)Between Rs. 6001/- to 10000/-Rs. 8400/-
    (d)Between Rs. 10001/- to 15000/--Rs. 12000/-
    (e)Above Rs. 15001/-Rs. 18000/-

  • ECHS Contribution be paid through MRO infavour of PCDA(WC), Chandigarh only by all ICG pensioner view only one Regional centre alloted for ICG pensioner i.e. Regional Centre, ECHS Delhi Cantt.

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Statistics Section

Duties and functions of Statistics Section are given below:-

  • Statistics section is maintaining/updating data of manpower complement of various CG units/ships, borne strength of CGEP, desertion, recruitment of EF, vacancies for DPC and representation of reservation of SC/ST/OBC category.

  • On receipt of Government sanction for ship/ units, this section bifurcates the sanctioned strength into cadre/branch in different ranks keeping in view the promotional prospects of enrolled personnel. The same is forwarded to Coast Guard Head Quarters for approval. Subsequently on receipt of approval the sanctioned strength of that unit/ship will be included to respective branch/rank for calculating deficiency in borne strength. TDLR not to be accounted for all recent sanction and till further directives vide Coast Guard Headquarters letter CS/0104 dated 18 Jun 2009.

  • The branch allocation to enrolled personnel is given according to shortages in branches/cadres and also keeping in view the availability of courses at Naval Training Schools.

  • The most important task of statistics section is working on release of vacancies for DPC. Whilst working on release of vacancies following factors are taken into account: -

    • Net available vacancies as on date branch wise/rank wise
    • Personnel likely to be discharged on attaining superannuation
    • Likely sanctions of new units/ships
    • Vacancies arising due to promotions

  • On commencement of DPC, Reservation roster has to be drawn as on that date indicating backlog vacancies of SC and ST categories in various cadres/ranks and vacancies to be reserved for vacancies being filled in the DPC. Further on completion of DPC, a consolidated reservation roster of various cadres has to be prepared and forwarded to CGHQ along with DPC Proceedings.

  • Cases for release of vacancies is being takenup with CGHQ for recruitment of enrolled followers region wise/unit wise on receipt of new sanction and discharge of EF on various ground.

  • Cases of persons completed six months and three years on desertion are forwarded to CGHQ for approval for transferring them to NES and discharge from service respectively.

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DOD/DOE Section

Duties and functions of DOD/DOE Section are given below:-

  • On enrolment of Coast Guard Enrolled Persons at all recruiting centres, recruitment center send copies of enrolment documents along with copies of caste and education certificates. The said documents are to be checked for correctness of name, PNO, DOB, DOE, Caste, Education, Pmt Address etc., On Scrutiny of the same, Drafting Order Enrolment is to be published incorporating all the personnel details and forwarded to concerned authorities. On publishing the DOE, new 'A' & 'B' dockets for each individual/new recruits are to be opened and relevant documents of the EP are to be sorted/filed and indexed.

  • On Discharge of enrolled personnel form Service for what ever be the reason, Drafting Order Discharge is to be published after careful scrutiny of relevant documents and service records.

  • Superannuation serial containing details of Enrolled Personnel due to retired on attaining the age of superannuation in next 24 to 30 months is to be published twice in a year i.e. in Jan and Jul of every year after careful scrutiny of service particulars and qualifying service.

  • Updation of records of Annual Charter efficiency return of Enrolled Followers and charter assessment return of EP.

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